Plone Intranet

Abstract designs, implements and mantains corporate web intranets based on Plone CMS, to facilitate communication, data sharing and collaboration within a company's organization.

Corporate Communication

Plone is a powerful, flexible, open source, enterprise-quality Content Management System (CMS). It's built on top of the Zope web application server and Zope's Content Management Framework, written in Python. Due to its remarkable features, Plone has been chosen by international organizations, governments and major corporations including: CIA, NASA, the Brazilian Government, Columbia University, and Novell.

Abstract is a proud member of the Plone community, and exploits Plone’s potential in designing and implementing complex corporate intranets.

Our services:

  • On-site consulting and training services
  • Installation, implementation, customization or integration of Plone-based intranet/extranet
  • Content workflow configuration
  • Design and Usability consulting
  • Technical support and maintenance
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