DEREX is our distribution to facilitate the development, testing and deployment of projects based on Open edX® platform.

Fast, flexible and reproducible: DEREX is not just any open source solution! Our team has developed DEREX to facilitate starting and configuring Open edX® projects. DEREX is primarily targeted to DevOps - developers and operators - as a tool to quickly support reproducible projects. Just give it a try and let us know about your experience with DEREX.

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DEREX uses Docker to start all the required services (MySQL, MongoDB, RabbitMQ etc.) needed for a DEREX project.
Docker, an open source software to isolate applications with container virtualization, allows to run apps in so-called containers. Docker Containers can be built upon each other and communicate between one another. We developed DEREX based on Docker-Compose.

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A DEREX project can be seen as a directory where you define how the respective edX® instance should look like in order to make it reproducible in a DevOps mode.
It can also include additional custom requirements, such as themes, plug-ins and other configurations. All settings are specified using Python code, which provides more flexibility than the standard Open edX® JSON configurations.

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With DEREX we configure our installations exactly the way we and our customers need them. From the very beginning it was important to us that DEREX is open source and can be used by a wide community to quickly and securely setup an Open edX® platform.

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