In Barcelona, a dozen plonistas are scratching their hitches around the composite page issue.

A few notes from the Plone Mosaic Sprint

In Barcelona, a dozen plonistas are scratching their hitches around the composite page issue.

Composite pages in Plone.

It was 2009, and Deco was an amazing and early promise for Plone editors.

Deco did not happen, actually.

Nonetheless, the world is moving fast, and people are getting used to confortable, powerful and predictable "page editors", like the one you get in Mailchimp or OpenERP/Odoo new website builder.

So.. TinyMCE alone, for a complex page layout, maintaining control and ease-of-use?.. Well, think twice if you're not skilled at HTML, HTML filtering, CSS, etc. etc.

There's more.

Mobile devices are here to stay, and it's quite impossible to ignore them, also if we tried hard.

Even more.. page composition through Diazo is good, but it's not easy (read impossible) to cover all the cases we have out there, just using Diazo machinery. Guido, am I right? :)

Why a Sprint in Barcelona.


I asked Victor, one of the organizers with Ramon and Guido, why he wanted to organize the Barcelona Mosaic sprint, after the discussion started at PLOG. The first answer was a generic "because we love the community and Plone itself", but then it came out that they are pulled by the same reason that took Abstract to join them in Barcelona: composite pages in Plone.

Editors should be at ease while composing their pages, and Plone at the moment is still waiting for a good core answer to this need.

What's going on at the sprint.

After a good startup on Tuesday morning, the sprinters split into groups taking care of this:

  • reviewing the state of Deco, after a while since the last time someone took care (thanks Rob and Asko for leading this)
  • rethinking the way a page composer should work in Plone, in a plonish way
  • building a prototype out of this vision, what we call the Mosaic (ever heard of Parc Guell? you'd better pay a visit once in your life ;))
  • ending the sprint with a first draft of the package, that will allow the Plone editor to compose a page using prefixed layouts and little "tiles" of content

As a parallel goal, Guido is envisioning a tool to change pages layout programmatically. He's taking care of making happen in a way that this goal will be easy to obtain.

Have a look at this thread for details.


Situation, i.e. Ramon says that...

  • after spending the first day to get all the sprinters share the same context, vision and goal, at the end of the week we should have a good common base to move from there;
  • actually, at the moment we have a set of options, and an important task is to decide the right ones to implement, to have results to show at the end of the sprint
  • we are cleaning and strengthening the machinery, right now, then we'll move on towards the final goal of a composite page tool, and more

So far, so good.

Thanks everyone for joining this much needed effort, and happy sprinting!

And big thanks Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech / UPCnet, SLU for hosting and supporting us!

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