Creating unique and modern user interfaces for your online learning offers with Open edX® platform and NetlifyCMS.

An online course catalog as unique as you are!

Creating unique and modern user interfaces for your online learning offers with Open edX® platform and NetlifyCMS.

To differentiate in today’s competitive landscape of e-learning platforms, you need a mind-blowing and streamlined UX & UI design concept to present your online courses in a way that appeals to your target group.

The possibilities for customizing the frontend of the Open edX® platform are basically unlimited. With a few template changes and stylesheet definitions, a completely individual online learning platform matching your corporate branding can be created.

The only downside is that neither you nor your employees can easily apply any changes to the content without code expertise.

Our solution

To solve this issue, we decided to use a headless CMS, enabling customers to modify their own content and to keep track of their work history — users can log in to an admin panel using repository hosting services such as GitHub or GitLab.

A headless CMS is a kind of back-end content management system where the content repository “body” is separated or decoupled from the presentation layer “head”. Using a headless CMS frees content creators from rigid templates that most traditional content management systems utilize.

We chose NetlifyCMS, an open source tool which is easy to use and offers a feature-rich admin panel to edit content and further settings. Of course, any other headless CMS can be utilized as well. Using the Open edX® API, we take the necessary information from the respective online courses created in the Open edX® environment and display them on the landing page at the specified position.

Now the fun can begin!


Screenshot of the editing panel of the front-page using NetlifyCMS and above the resulting landing page after publishing

The key advantages

Building landing pages with a headless CMS allows to combine the power of a content management system — creating pages and news with intuitive editing options for authors and staff members — with the flexibility to use APIs and fetch dynamic content or data across the learning management system (LMS) in order to create unique interfaces for presenting custom online course catalogs.

This approach using the Open edX® API adds flexibility to a project, and clients can elaborate a presentation layer for a digital platform in a way that appeals to the respective target audience. With NetlifyCMS and Open edX® platform, we streamline the presentation of data in a personalized and modern layout. Courses can now be organized and displayed completely as desired and according to each company's requirements in different sections, categories through carousels and sliders.


Screenshots of our demo landing page where courses are organized through categories in different carousels

Convince yourself of the potential and request a demo to take a look at our work based on NetlifyCMS and Open edX® platform:

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