Getting started with Open edX® platform and Abstract Technology – Simple, quick, flexible.

E-Learning in times of Corona

Getting started with Open edX® platform and Abstract Technology – Simple, quick, flexible.

Lifelong learning needs experts

Our everyday life was turned upside down during the last days and weeks.
We work at full speed to provide you with the best possible support to help you to digitize your learning content (video, podcast and interactive content).

By using a learning management system, many companies as well as schools or universities, artists, vocational training companies, associations or medical staff, etc. can offer their interactive e-learning formats.

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To transfer your learning material quickly into the digital world, we at Abstract-Technology offer three different packages (Cloud, Dedicated Server and On Premise). 
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Applications without any problems

We are proud to share the know-how we have accumulated in extensive Open edX® platform projects with well-known customers: our installations are easily relocatable and reproducible from development and testing to production. We use docker to build customer-specific images that can be tested in a repeatable way, deployed and rolled back (if needed) quickly. We use an open source tool that we developed internally: DEREX.runnerIt allows us to ease development work and empower our customers with tools to customise Open edX® platform using their expertise in web technologies.

derex_runner-logo.pngAn advantage for our customers is the possibility to work independently with DEREX.runner because we have significantly reduced the complexity of Open edX® platform installations.

With our turnkey and immediately usable installations, our customers can distribute their learning formats digitally quickly, flexibly and easily.

Features of the learning and course management system


  • Creating, editing and adding learning content (text, PDF, audio, video and other multi media components)
  • Creating, performing, evaluating tests and problem types (drag and drop components, multiple choice questions, checkboxes and text or numerical input types, radio button, drop-down components)
  • Easy use of SCORM courses from other providers
  • Export und Import of learning material


  • Dynamic creation of certificates based on the predefined conditions (grading system) by the instructors
  • Administration of students
  • Predefine important dates and deadlines
  • Administration of roles and rights of users and staff members
  • Creation, administration and moderation of Wikis and Forums


  • Feedback and survey tools
  • Working/learning in groups (cohorts)
  • Peer Assessments
  • Optimized for the output in mobile devices
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface for instructors or trainers

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