We are happy and proud to announce the launch of our vocational orientation project ITONBOARD, which will be publicly accessible from the 30th of November 2022 onwards.

ITONBOARD goes live

We are happy and proud to announce the launch of our vocational orientation project ITONBOARD, which will be publicly accessible from the 30th of November 2022 onwards.

Over the past months we have developed valuable educational products for young people to give them an understanding of the professional opportunities in the IT sector and especially in open source web development. The six different educational tools are now ready to use and aim to offer students everything from a fun career orientation experience to an interest test, in-depth e-learning, and blended remote internships all under one roof and completely free of charge.

Do not miss our unique Go-live event on November, 30, 2022!

  • You are a boy or girl between the ages of 12 and 18?
  • You a teacher?
  • You have an IT and open source company?

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What makes ITONBOARD so important?

Europe is affected by both youth unemployment and a shortage of skilled workers. According to the European Commission, good education and a smooth career entry are key factors to stop this critical development.

We have made it our business to accompany our young people throughout Europe step by step and to provide them with all the necessary information so that they get to know and learn to love both the IT industry and the opportunities offered by open source technologies. At ITONBOARD students between the ages 12 and 18, teachers and IT companies will find everything for IT career orientation in one place - and for free:

  • IT career interest tests, in-depth e-learning courses for students;
  • an escape game, guidelines for an ITONBOARD project week in schools for teachers;
  • a program for "blended remote internships" for companies and an internship exchange portal.

Get more information about the single components on the project website: https://www.itonboard.eu/

The role of Abstract in this project

As a leading European online learning expert and verified Open edX® platform provider, we are responsible for the development, production and provision of in-depth e-learning courses.

Within the frame of ITONBOARD we developed four online courses (MOOCs), which can be used as an alternative method of vocational orientation. The approach of e-learning formats is completely different from the classic and more theoretical information materials (flyers, texts, etc.).

For the management and launch of the MOOCs, we used the web-based and open source course and learning management system (LMS) Open edX® platform, that allows everybody to access, through registration, the course content and materials, as well as discussion forums and other collaborative formats.

With the creation and provision of online courses offering deep insights into different professional fields of the IT sector, we want to actively contribute to an improved career orientation for young people. Our courses are focused on informing young people and they cover 4 main “topics”:

  • Introduction into different jobs in the IT sector
  • The job of a project manager in the IT sector
  • The job of a Front-end developer in the IT sector
  • The job of a Back-end developer in the IT sector

Our primary target groups are students and interested young people between the ages 12 and 18 looking for an internship and/or a job in the IT sector.
As a secondary target group we see European IT companies who could use the online learning formats as an onboarding resource for newcomers. Also teachers who want to carry out IT career orientation initiatives in their classes using innovative and engaging methods are welcome to use the e-learning courses as well as other products of the project ITONBOARD.

Take a look at the product here: https://elearning.itonboard.eu/.

The Go-Live Event

As the Italian partner of this project, we will introduce the project in different schools in Italy and let the students and teachers try out the six single products of the project in hand-on sessions.

On November 30, 2022 we will join forces during a remote event to finally launch our beloved project ITONBOARD.

Join us and be there when we simultaneously from Innsbruck, Milan, Madrid, Cologne, Kerpen-Sindorf and Berlin press the virtual red button to launch ITONBOARD!

We would be very happy to celebrate this milestone with you!

The event is intended to be remotely and the participation is for free. Click on the following button in order to get further information or if you like to register for the event:

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