PLOG 2013: a final report on the italian Plone event.

From 4 to 7 April 2013 there was the PLOG, the most important Plone event in Italy. Let's find out the results, photos and feedbacks of this special event.

Logo Plog2013More than 50 plonistas from various countries animated the PLOG in Sorrento, on the first week of April 2013. Abstract wishes to thank everyone of them for a stellar event, the best PLOG ever, actually.

Reports and Presentations.

Attendants produced various material from their activities, in particular:

Shining Happy People

We also enjoyed the very productive atmosphere produced in Sorrento, and finally asked participants for feedbacks in a survey, to have an even better PLOG 2014 edition.

See the results.

Briefly, most part of it is looking like this:


How to have an even better PLOG 2014

Actually, participants were not completely happy with:

  • Internet connection
  • tools used to organize the activities (trello board specifically)
  • period of the year (looking for better weather)
  • (missing) PLOG t-shirts

Well, there are reasons for all these negative points, specifically:
we are hosted by at wonderful Hotel Mediterraneo at definitely affordable prices: this have impacted on internet connection (until Silvio Tomatis and Wyn Williams get there ;)) and on possible dates (later, prices are quite higher and rooms are less).

NB: as for the weather lottery, check for yourself :)

As for the tools, we tried to have a wall/whiteboard there in the past. Why it did not work? At PLOG, most people get lots of distractions, and there is nothing better than planning in advance, as we suggested.. anyway, we just need to remember to bring a whiteboard with stickers next year.

PLOG T-shirts? Sure.. we’ll try not to miss them next year!


The PLOG 2013 was unforgettable. But for a more clear memory, take our photo wallpapers.

plog2013_1.jpeg plog2013_2.jpeg


Discover other pictures on our Google Plus channel and please, add more pictures and tag yourself on the photos you find in the PLOG Album.


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