PLOG is back, waiting for you in Sorrento, Italy!

If Plone is on your mind, the Plone Open Garden is the event to attend.

Logo Plog2013Abstract is organizing the Plone Open Garden 2013 as the seventh Plone event in a row in Sorrento, Italy, on 3-7 April, and you should not miss it.

Why should I come?

Since 2007, I never missed a Sorrento Sprint, then European Plone Symposium, then Plone Open Garden: could I miss a 2013 edition? well.. :)

Anyway, PLOG is the quintessence of Plone events out there: you can meet and talk with people in love with Plone like you, without the overload of a conference; you can make it bend to your needs, with the flexibility of a sprint; you can even take your family with you, without the risk of them distracting you from happy ploning with friends! :)

Also, we'd love to encourage the more people we can to come, and that's why we pushed to obtain very good prices from our friends at the Hotel Mediterraneo: for 30 euro per day each, you can stay in a four-bed room, with buffet breakfast and dinner included! well..

What to do?

PLOG is an open space/sprint/event: the participants decide effectively how to drive the week, and along the years, the attendants' mileage has varied.

In 2013, we'd love to catch people attention with morning speakers corner, with a scheduled set of talks, able to kick-start the discussions in the open garden sessions.

The sprint side will be up to who has clear ideas to follow up effectively: my colleagues in Abstract will probably put some effort on growing up Plone social features and on pushing forward our SimpleManagement project. Personally, I'm quite sure that Plone marketing/communication will need some love, and Sorrento could be again a good place to focus on this matter with other people there.

Want to know more?


One more thing...

If you are in the picture below (thanks Ramon for taking and sharing!), and you will attend the next PLOG 2013, come to me and ask for your free good glass of wine :)

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