Report on the Plone sprint held in Cologne. Lots of bug fixing, many features improvements: Plone 5 is getting closer and closer. Prepare yourselves for a new version of our favourite CMS as you never see it.

Plone Cathedral sprint 2014, another step towards Plone 5

Report on the Plone sprint held in Cologne. Lots of bug fixing, many features improvements: Plone 5 is getting closer and closer. Prepare yourselves for a new version of our favourite CMS as you never see it.

Last week, from 10th to 14th of February, the Plone Cathedral Sprint has been held in Cologne, Germany. The focus of the sprint was the next Plone release: Plone 5. Six main sprint topics, but everybody was allowed to sprint on what he/she preferred, as usual. Below are the main ones.

Javascript / Widgets team

Leader: Rok.

Goal: improve and fix the new set of widgets for the Plone UX. The new widgets come from the Plone Mockup project, and are integrated into Plone via the package. The next widgets generation will be modern, shiny and tested (with automated tests!).

Plone Mockup is a project that aims at improving the look and feel of Plone portals and at making fron-end developers and designers' life easier.

barceloneta themeTheme

Leader: Ramon.

Goal: move on the official theme of the next release, called Barceloneta theme. This team integrated the toolbar and the new widgets, and tried to improve styles and usability.

The team worked also on cleaning up old templates (like portlets' ones) to improve the integration of the new theme and the HTML markup semantic. A lot of work has been done also on the accesibility side - a topic that is really important for Plone since the beginning - thanks to Paul's support.

Finally, the integration of wildcard.foldercontents will make the folder contents view easier and more efficient, especially for multiple file uploads.

Q/A team

Leader: Timo.

Goal: bug fixing and improvements for Plone's core automatic tests. The team worked together with the doc team to integrate the automatic generation of screenshot via automated tests. When this integration will be completed we'll have a tested documentation that will be always up to date with the current release. From this page is possble to check the state of Plone's core tests in realtime.

Automated tests are a fundamental part of Plone's core development. Every time the core is updated a suite of tests is executed. Thanks to this, you know if the update introduced any bug or regression. The base for this, beside writing the tests, is Jenkins CI, an app the allows to run tests' execution continuously ("CI" stands for "Continuous Integration").

Cleanup team

Leader: David.

Goal: clean up all the packages and portal tools that are no more necessary and update automated tests accoridingly.

Content types team

Leader: Philip.

Goal: improve standard Plone contents (defined in and based on Dexterity) and above all provide an end-user tool for migrating content types to Plone 5. Among the features, the new tool will allow to update existing Plone sites using an advanced view for selective updates per content type. team

Leader: Victor.

Goal: finsh the new theme for the official Plone site: The team worked a lot on improving UX and on integrating the toolbar ( and new widgets ( This last step has not been finished since some further work on widgets is required.

Moreover, the addons view has been redesigned: a short-list of products will be selected and published on the site with a limited set of metadata, while all the other ones will be listed by extracting data straight from the pypi index. The new section on will be lighter but at the same time easier to use for finding all the extension that we need thanks to a faceted navigation.

About us.

Web development is moving towards client-side application, meaning: Javascript. The Mockup project born for this reason: bring into Plone modern front-end development, above all for Javascript, by using libs that are already well-know in the JS world, like Node.jsBowerGrunt.jsMocha.js e Patterns to mention some. Particularly, Patterns, is the base of all Mockup widgets.

I joined this team to improve my knowledge on the future of Plone's front-end development, and possibly my JS skills. Specifically, I worked on:

    • update Twitter Bootstrap to the latest release and make tests pass;
    • improve image and linke modal popup for TinyMCE widget;
    • redesign and rewrite the upload widget. Beside having a nice and usable interface, the new widget will allow to drag-n-drop files and display a preview of them and an upload percentage. Finally the widget will allow to select a path where to upload files to. Once finished the widget will be integrated into TinyMCE to improve its upload facilities from the rich text editor. This part is still a work-in-progress though.

    Plone 5: status.

    All teams have been really productive so Plone 5 is getting closer. The new interface, thanks to the widgets, the toolbar and the new theme will be more usable and versatile, especially for customizations.

    Plone is running! And will surprise you with an awesome release!


    I want to say "thanks" to Abstract for giving me the opportunity to participate to this marvelous sprint!

    A huge thanks goes to Timo Stollenwerk the sprint's organizer and to GFU Cyrus AG  for the great location, that was perfect for such an event.

    Finally, I want to say "thanks" to all the people that joined the sprint, for their commitment, fun and willing to improve our community and our CMS.

    See you at next sprints: Beer and wine sprint e PLOG!

    The PLOG is more than a sprint, is an event where everybody (developer or not) can participarte, for sharing and discussing new and old ideas. All of this in the magic cornice of the Sorrento gulf, a place that is ideal also for families. The next PLOG weil be hosted from the 22nd to 26th of April. For more info and subscriptions go to the official page.

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