A success story with Open edX®

Do all your seminars already run online?

A success story with Open edX®

Organizing online courses for more than 50 or 100 participants has become mandatory. Such courses should contain suitable videos, diversified exercises as well as the possibility to perform tests and exams. Further it should provide interactive activities such as a shared whiteboard and Questions & Answers.

The solution is simple and easy thanks to the e-learning software solution Open edX® platform. With the right software and the right tools, nothing prevents you from running a webinar..

Classic or modern? 90-minute lectures passé?

Experience has shown that 90-minute classroom lessons do not work in the digital world since students quickly lose concentration and get easily distracted. In the following we have summarized for you how to organize a webinar didactically and creatively:

interest-icons.pngRaise attention

Did you know that 30-minute video clips correspond to about one hour of regular classroom lessons?
20 to a maximum of 30-minute learning videos are an efficient method of presenting learning content and boosting students' concentration. Therefore videos are considered the most efficient method of transferring knowledge.


Provide further information and content

Short and powerful learning videos meet the needs of many learners, but do not cover all of them. We recommend to provide additional learning sources such as video transcription, additional information in text form and graphics and/or diagrams.


Strengthen new knowledge

Exercises and tests can be used to assess the students' knowledge and offer the opportunity to strengthen and practice what has been previously learned. You can also monitor how intensive the learning videos and materials have been studied and use the resulting information for internal evaluation. As a general guideline for the creation of online courses, an average of 2 - 4 questions/exercises per video is sufficient to strengthen knowledge and assess comprehension.


Reflection und evaluation

A general survey at the end of an online course or webinar provides useful information about the participants' satisfaction regarding the organisation, content and quality. Once the survey has been analysed, it can be evaluated whether the approach of offering webinars and online courses is welcomed and/or to what extent it needs to be optimised.

The success of online courses is based on a combination of all the above-mentioned points. The outcome is an effective and exciting learning loop for students, which gives not only you but also your participants room for reflection and evaluation.

Remote teaching is a successful combination of prepared videos, live video transmissions and exciting interaction options such as real-time discussions and interactive "whiteboard tools".

Technical requirements

To run online courses, you first need a Learning Management System (LMS), such as the e-learning software solution Open edX® platform, a web conferencing tool, such as BigBlueButton, and a video server to store prepared videos and recorded live sessions. All the aforementioned tools are open source solutions and freely available without any additional license fees. They are actively maintained and developed by a large community. 

What is Open edX® platform?


Open edX® platform is one of the world's leading and future-proof software solutions for e-learning. The platform was developed in May 2012 by specialists from the Harvard University and the MIT to create Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for universities. The main focus is on knowledge transfer (via videos and text documents) and knowledge query via interactive problem types such as multiple choice, text input, drag & drop, etc. 

The software solution also offers communicative options such as forums and chats to promote direct exchange between teachers and students.

What does Open edX® platform contain?
The default software solution contains:

  • The LMS: It forms the actual learning platform through which learners can access and actively work on course content as well as monitor their own learning progress.
  • The authoring tool Studio: This is the integrated and browser-based user interface for authors and staff members. From here course contents and libraries can be individually created and adapted, relevant documents, tasks and files can be uploaded and courses as well as all course settings and policies can be managed. 
  • A large selection of diversified and interactive problem types to prepare learning content for knowledge transfer and query, including video and image-based components, multiple choice, checkbox and drag & drop tasks and H5p components.

What characterises Open edX® platform?
Open edX® is characterised by its clearly structured and intuitive user interface, which is beneficial not only to students, but also to authors. They can quickly and easily create and edit high-quality courses without any prior technical knowledge. Another significant advantage is the scalability and expandability. For example, the web conferencing solution BigBlueButton can be quickly and easily integrated via API interfaces.

What is BigBlueButton?


BigBlueButton is a professional Open Source Lösung for online and remote teaching. Among other things, the software enables the sharing of audio, video, slides, chat and screen in real time. The use of different tools in one live session for knowledge transfer and query can have a motivating effect and a positive impact on the concentration of the course participants.   

What does BigBlueButton contain?

The web conferencing solution offers different additional tools and functions, such as 

  • An interactive whiteboard tool 
  • The functionality of hand-lifting
  • An integrated chat
  • The possibility of creating breakout rooms
  • The multi-user mode setting, which allows joint editing of slides or exercises 
  • The possibility to record ongoing sessions 

The connection to the server with BigBlueButton is encrypted, which provides a high standard of data security.

What we offer:

Abstract-Technology takes care of the standard implementation and consulting of the Open edX® platform technology and BigBlueButton for the creation of online courses. Our planning and implementation phase is very agile, which leaves room for individual requirements.

Contact us to get started.

Our team of experts will work hand in hand with you to develop the most suitable e-learning solution. Transparency, agility and professional expertise form the basis of every planning and implementation phase.

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