The PLOG program board is online, join us!

PLOG offers an open and collaborative environment, and we’re trying to keep this spirit for the whole duration of the event.

Logo Plog2013This year, all the activities will be planned through this dashboard in order to allow everyone a clear vision of what’s going on at the event, making it easier to find other people to sprint with, and to help everyone in planning their work so that they don’t miss interesting talks when they take place.

It’s all quite easy:

  1. Read the schedule online, which will update in real time to reflect changes.
  2. Write to asking to be added to the dashboard or to have your proposals uploaded.
  3. Share your work plan with others PLOGgers!




Others have already began to plan their meetings, and we’re eager to know yours!

If you need further help, just write us, and we’ll be glad to help you out.

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