Time to plan for a beautiful PLOG

The Plone Open Garden event is just two months away, and the program is taking shape.

Logo Plog2013PLOG 2013 goes on stage in Sorrento, Italy on 3-7 April: it is time to propose your favorite topics, both for the speakers'corner and for the sprint :)

Over 15 plonistas have already subscribed to the event, and you'd better take your seat and join the Plone community! :)

What topics will be covered?

Our president Paul Roeland will be begged by me to give a state of the Foundation at the mid-term of his office; beyond this, he will spend part of his PLOG to get a working, modern, media repository for Plone.

Guido Stevens will continue his work on the social features of Plone, and I'm particularly interested in this, given that, as Guido loves to pitch, this could definitely push Plone to land on the "2.0 level".

Antonio De Marinis and his team will hopefully present their long experience with Plone at EEA, and what new features and opportunities they are developing nowadays (faceted navigationdaviz.. anyone?)

Giorgio Borelli will carry on collective.geo, pushing forward a specific set of features to extend a cms like Plone, and will talk about the simple management package in the speakers' corner.

Vincent Fretin, Thomas Desvenain and Cédric Messiant are planning to come and present some of their developments based on Dexterity to manage workspaces in Plone.

Simone Orsi will probably make a point on the state of Plumi, the Plone distribution to build social video portals like http://engagemedia.org, which we are about to use in some client projects. Beyond this, Simone is quite willing to sprint on a "Plone Analytics" package, to let a webmaster or intranet manager to produce valuable reports about their portals.

Giorgio Pieretti has already planned to come and share his way of "mobilizing" Plone using JSON.

Most probably other interesting people will show up in Sorrento, among whom the sparkling Érico Andrei, Fulvio Casali and our "inventor" Matt Hamilton (he was the one to suggest the Plone Open Garden name.. :)).

I would really love to see some more people on this list in the next few weeks

The Plone Open Garden is approaching!

We are organizing the PLOG to be most comfortable and accessible Plone event you can join, in a wonderful location where you'll be projected directly in the core of the community to push Plone forward: it is very important for us to have you there, as it should be valuable for you to improve what Plone can do.

See you in Sorrento!

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