Odoo Sorrento sprint.

Sorrento, Italy
26/29 April 2016

The Odoo Sorrento Sprint will take place in Sorrento, Italy, from 26th until 29th April 2016 and it is aimed at those who are passionate about Odoo.
It’s the best way to get in touch with the community, and it’s free.

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What is the
Odoo Sorrento Sprint?

This sprint is the perfect event to meet the Odoo community: help with the developments that OCA promotes, dive into your favourite topics discussing them in the garden, and sprint around-the-clock to bring them to reality.

The main topic for 2016 is building strong community financial reports for Odoo v.9, and OCA is interested in funding your partecipation. All details are here.

  • Simone Orsi - We have a project for the web: make it easier
  • Giorgio Borelli - A great method anticipates every possible problems.
  • Stefania Scolamiero - I really feel part of a team, even when working online.
  • Stefania Scolamiero - I really feel part of a team, even when working online.

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Being part of Odoo Sorrento Sprint is easy.

The sprint will take place on April 26th to 29th, 2016 in Sorrento, Italy. Admission to the sprint is free and open to everyone who wants to be in touch with Odoo’s community. You can come alone or together with your friends and family, snatching the opportunity to visit beautiful Sorrento. Being part of it is simple, just sign up by filling out the form in this page.

Here's why the Odoo Sorrento Sprint is free.

Love has no price. That's why admission to the sprint is free and open. People working at Abstract believe in this kind of events, which were born to keep up the interest in the community and allow people to meet face-to-face, share ideas and work together.

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Being guests at Hotel Mediterraneo.

Being guests at Hotel Mediterraneo is the best way to experience the sprint, because it allows you to stay together with the other participants and spares you from having to commute to and from the venue.

The Hotel Mediterraneo sits atop a cliff straight over the sea, in one of the most beautiful spots of the Sorrento Peninsula, a few minutes walk from the city center and a few kilometers away from the archeological sites of Ercolano and Pompei; and from there you can reach the island of Capri in just 15 minutes by boat.

Room prices.

Abstract can obtain discounted prices for the Odoo Sorrento Sprint. There is a different range of accomodation options available, depending on the type of room you choose:

  • four-bed rooms - 160€ for the whole room, including breakfast and dinner
  • three-bed rooms - 135€ for the whole room, including breakfast and dinner
  • two-bed rooms - 120€ for the whole room, including breakfast and dinner

This offer is valid on a limited number of allocated rooms, if reserved before March 20 2016.

Pay less and share the Odoo Sorrento Sprint experience.

One of the best parts of the sprint is sharing, even of the same room, because passion knows no schedules. Invite your friends and your colleagues to the sprint and book a room for the whole of you, or send a mail the OCA mailing list and find other people within the Odoo community who are willing to pay less by sharing the same room.

How do I get there?

Sign up now.

If you’ve decided to come, sign up now. If you fill up this form we’ll also connect you directly with Hotel Mediterraneo to arrange for bookings.