Live out the PLOG community.


PLOG is the Italian Plone event, taking place in Sorrento from 18 until 22 April 2017 and aimed at those who are passionate about the Plone CMS.
It’s the best way to get in touch with the community, and it’s free.

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What is PLOG?

The Plone Open Garden is the perfect event to understand the future of Plone: share your ideas and show your new developments in the speaker’s corner, dive into your favourite topics discussing them in the garden, and sprint around-the-clock to bring them to reality.

Speaker Corner

Speaker's Corner

Every morning will kick off with talks about Plone and allow you to meet with the members of its community. The talk agenda will be built together with all attendees, therefore don’t hesitate in sending us your proposals at

Send us your proposals.
Open Garden

Open Garden

Since 2007, Hotel Mediterraneo’s garden offers the right environment to work with focus and energy, without forsaking a good deal of amusement! The entire venue hosts compelling activities and discussions, plus a bar and a swimming pool!

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A sprint is a moment where you can write code and documentation together with other Plonistas. During the preceding weeks the list of topics on which the sprint will focus will be published. Tell us what you'd like to work on dropping two lines to!

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The PLOG ticket

Being part of PLOG is easy.

The PLOG will take place on April 18 to 22, 2017 in Sorrento, Italy. Admission to PLOG is free and open to everyone who wants to be in touch with Plone’s community. You can come alone or together with your friends and family, snatching the opportunity to visit beautiful Sorrento. Being part of it is simple, just sign up by filling out the form in this page.

We love PLOG.

For the past 10 years the Abstract team has been continuously committed to ensuring that the PLOG experience keeps getting better by collecting your feedback and refining the organization year after year. Here's someone who falled in love with Plog.

Philip Bauer

Plog is a chance to continue some of the work to improve Plone I started years ago. To do so, I need the help of the community.

Matt Hamilton

Plog is a great event to talk about the wider community of Plone. And, you know, the pool, the weather and the lovely wine ... all part of it

Paul Roeland

At Plog? Well ... to meet with the other Plone people, to advance things that the Plone Foundation needs, to learn myself, to share a lovely experience

Antonio De Marinis

Plog is the right place if you need networking with the community of Plone, understanding where Plone is heading and being on track

Erico Andrei

Do-ocracy is our community's really cool concept. People at Plog actually do stuff, go forward and try to make the difference. So, Plog .. it's a kind of ... impossible not to come

Here's why PLOG is free.

Love has no price. That's why admission to the PLOG is free and open. People working at Abstract believe in these kind of events, which were born to keep up the interest in the community and allow people to meet face-to-face and share ideas.

Being guests at Hotel Mediterraneo.

Being guests at Hotel Mediterraneo is the best way to experience PLOG because it allows you to stay together with the other participants and spares you from having to commute to and from the venue.

The Hotel Mediterraneo sits atop a cliff straight over the sea, in one of the most beautiful spots of the Sorrento Peninsula, a few minutes’ walk from the city center and a few kilometers away from the archeological sites of Ercolano and Pompei; and from there you can reach the island of Capri in just 15 minutes by boat.

Room prices.

Abstract can obtain discounted prices for the PLOG. There is a different range of accomodation options available, depending on the type of room you choose:

  • four-bedroom rooms - 180€ for the whole room, including breakfast and dinner
  • three-bedroom rooms - 150€ for the whole room, including breakfast and dinner
  • two-bedroom rooms - 140€ for the whole room, including breakfast and dinner

This offer is valid on a limited number of allocated rooms, if reserved before February 28 2017.

Pay less and share the PLOG experience.

One of the best parts of PLOG is sharing, even of the same room, because passion knows no schedules. Invite your friends and your colleagues at PLOG and book a room for the whole of you, or visit the IRC channel and find other people within the Plone community who are willing to pay less by sharing the same room

How do I get there?

Sign up now.

If you’ve decided to come, send a mail to